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Is the human brain a good modell for integillent machines?

Summary from a magazine about artificial intelligence (AI) – the article included statements from different experts.

Rodney Brooks : Brain and computer models are simulated in each other. Albeit one still tries to understand the functionality of the brain and tries to bring intelligence into the computer. New models could avoid these dependencies and lead to a better explanation.

Demis Hassabis: An analysis of the brain based on algorithms is the latest neurological method. Consolidated findings, like the hierarchical cell structure of the visual system, inspire the innovations in artificial intelligence. AI experts shall get involved more in neuroscience experiments to benefit from interdisciplinary knowledge.

Dennis Bray: When building computers with enhanced abilities than human circuits of copper and silicon are the right choice. By now computing power, memory and retrieval of data are outstanding.  Reconstruction of explicit abilities of the brain, like multi tasking and consciousness, require other materials. It requires rethinking the analogy to system architecture as the brain operates rather in regulatory circuits than linear chains. Furthers there is lack of knowledge influencing higher brain functions about supporting functions of sub-systems like the pre-processing of sensor information and different cell status to save the information.

Amnon Shashua: The different architecture of the systems leads to preference of a different processing. So the compared short term memory is compensated through parallel processing, which is a process that goes throughout the hierarchical structure of the brain. In a computer it is rather brute-force search and the practically unlimited use of memory.

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