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Robot – swarm intelligence

Robots with swarm intelligence have been developed at the TU Dormund. They can be used in case of accidents in chemical plants or fire to get an overview of the situation. Flying autonomously over the terrain they take photos which can be stitched together with a software and take measures. Goal of the project was to develop light sensors, a high reliable and flexible communication system, storage and processing of geographical information and integration of meteorological data into action planning of the robots. The routes of the robots are predefined and selected by the robots. Collected data is sent to a coordination team and evluated there. In the final phase of the project included a real scenario for the flying robots.

Airshield Project at the TU Dortmund

Currently tasks of robots in accidents and catastrophies are limited to surveillance and overview as they would need a quiet complex mechanic to find their way in the often destructed terrain after an accident. Further they would need different kind of tools to move rocks or metal parts, pull handles, … so they can be used to get a first overview, plan the mission according but then nevertheless humans need to go and search for survivors and repair destroied machines.

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