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Not everyday products – toothbrush

New toothbrush plays music while brushing. Further it has sensors that take care of the correct type of brushing and brushing length. The toothbrush can store brushing activities into a web based profile. So the user can see his tooth brushing activities over the time. The products name is “beam brush”.

From a customers perspective I cannot see any advantage of the music playing feature in the toothbrush. It is of course nice to hear music in the early morning just to wake up. What kind of sound-quality can a toothbruch provide? How is it matching to the mechanic sounds that the electric toothbrush has anyway? If you are the kind of person that needs music in the early morning you will probably have a radio or mp3-player in your bathroom.

On the behavioural level an adivseful toothbrush for the rigtht brushing can be helpful but only in its limited range that should be clear. It can help e.g. to a avoid too much pressure while brushing and maybe also for a mostly similar brushing. However the toothbrush does not know if you have just eaten and better should not brush shortly after and also the brush might not know your critical areas (dentists advise to brush the teeth every day in the same order beginning with the problem areas).

Read the full article here:

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