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Everyday Usability 14

Whenever you use a laptop most of us question themselves where to place the mouse if it is not needed. If you Clip mouse provides a smart solution. When the mouse is not needed it can be clipped at the side of the laptop. In generall this idea sounds good and the design is done very nice. As an unusal form of a mouse and elegance it shows it appreciates the visceral level of potential buyers.

However reading through the product description some possible negative effects came into my mind. The clip mouse, so it is stated in description, presents its mouse functions as touch. Therewith haptic feedback is missing. What advantage should that have? Further can the touch accidently be activated when the mouse is moved? Or when it is cliped on the laptop? From my point of view it seems to bring more problems, the users will miss immediate haptic feedback of their actions that they expect from their usual interactions with a computer. A cord could also be avoided with a infra-red mouse, but of course it would not have the easy storagy solution to clip it on the laptop.

Another question is the flexibility of the material. Laptop thickness varies and the material for the clip needs to withstand user’s efford to push it on the laptop. As an everyday object it will be used often and therewith often cliped on and off.

Here is the designers website (Frank Guo): http://www.yankodesign.com/2012/11/15/mouse-with-a-clip/

I would really enjoy to hear some experience. So if you own such a mouse or could use it in a shop give us your opinion.

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