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Not everyday products – restaurant table with touchpad

A Korean design company claims to produce a table for restaurants with an integrated touchscreen. The product release is planned for this year.

The touchscreen is an opportunity for the restaurant staff to get rid of the paper menus and orders. It could give more information about meals or sweeten waiting time with games or movies or contribute to the restaurants ambient with e.g.  the simulation of an underwater landscape for a sushi bar. Hopefully it will not lead to reduction of the restaurant staff because you might want to ask a specific question about ingredients due to your allergy or want to hear the waiters recommendation. Last but not least someone needs to bring the orders 😉

The idea of a touchscreen table in a restaurant, a so called interactive restaurant, is not new. There is already a company offering such solutions. They already installed such tables in restaurants (http://www.digitaltouchsystems.com). Maybe they have been too early with the idea, like the restaurant Mojo Icuisine with touch screen tables. It opened in 2010 in Taipei, their website does not seem to work. I wonder if it is still existing. People were not ready to for this kind of product some years ago. But now as touchscreens are everywhere thanks to Ipad and smart phones people are open and see will surely see it as improved service in a restaurant.

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