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Paperless office

Despite some experts keep telling from a paperless office it is far from reality. In areas with high safety standards it is even required to keep up a paper based set of documentation. An American company named IMicroData offers a solution for a better structure of the paper based documentation, avoiding lost folders and to combine them with their electronic counterparts. RFID chips are installed in folders, after citing them in a software the system can tell in which documentation cabinet the folder is. It is not clear if keyword can be used to mark the folders and search form them. Further there is a re-file button at the top edge of the cabinet, if it is pressed folders can be relocated and the cabinet automatically stores their new location. At the cabinet there does not seem to be an undo button. The placement at the top edge being used as hold by people might lead to accidential activations. Also does it warn the user if he stores documentation at the wrong place?

Some problems remain:

  • right at the start of the implementation of the software folders need to be “indexed” in the system
  • it cannot be checked if the right information is in the folder, or  if there even is content
  • if the folder is outside the documentation cabinet the system is not able to help

With arround 1,500$ per cabinet it is not a cheap solution.

A good idea for further development would be to combine it with the electronic documentation. So if the original WORD document of a paper-based one is modified the system would warn the user to print out the latest copy.

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