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KALQ keyboard layout

Researchers developed a new keyboard layout specifically for touchscreens . QWERTY or QWERTZ layout is the layout for the classic computer keyboard. The letters come from the letters in the first row. There are ongoing discussions if this layout is the best as it originated from the typewriter and designed in a way to keep letters that appear often at most distance. This distance was necessary to avoid failures in the typing mechanism of the typewriter.

The changed arrangement bases on user-evaluations and should contribute to the changed interaction from the classic PC to touchscreens. Thumbs are the main interacting fingers on touchscreens and especially mobile devices. Currently it is not reflected by the QWERTZ / QWERTY layout. So the researchers suggested a new two parted layout. KALQ ist designed in a way that all letters can be typed with and are in short reaching distance to the thumbs.

Is it really so easy to learn like the designers promise? Does the knowledge of the new layout confuse with existing knowledge of the classic keyboard layout? ~  Concerning parallel use of mobile phones and notebooks. ~ Is it an advantage to the swiping technology?

You can find a beta-verison here.

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