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Face recognition phones

A new phone specifically designed for elderly people works with face recognition. Not of the user but for those who need help dialing. The user holds the phone over a photo of the person he wants to call. The phone searches in an internal database, matches the picture with the correct person and displays the phone number. Then the user confirms the choice with “ok” and the number is dialed. It could also be a help for people with dementia remembering the person with a photo but not the associated phone number.
From its look it looks quiet simple. Assuming the real key size they could be bigger for elderly people. Some maybe have a bit trembling fingers and for farsightedness it is good to keep them as big as possible.

With the minimal set of keys some functions must be hidden in combination of keys. E.g. to change numbers, delete or edit numbers, loudspeaker or generally to make the volume. The designes took the common keys known from mobile phones and added two keys whoms function is not clear to be: one with an pink arrow and one with a green “N”. Instead of those specifically loudspeaker and setting of the volume could be interesting of elderly people. speaking from my parents they like to share my phone call. For a phone for elderly people I would design dedicated keys for setting of the volume and the loudspeaker presented by the commonly used icons.
Further I wonder how it works to set up a database of photos. Someone technically advanced maybe needs to do it for the elderly people.

The general idea seems good but it seems that details can be improved.



Designed by Prof. Dai Yunting, Lu  from the East China Normal University

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