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Postures affect emotion

Postures affect emotion, this has now been supported with evidence by a study at the UCL. If we feel confident and happy we tend to use open postures that use much space. On the other hand if we feel insecure and powerless we have close postures. Maybe for the most of you this is clear as body postures are a main topic of body language experts and part of courses with strategies for more powerful presentation.

postures and emotion

This study’s focus is if those powerful positive postures affect emotion of a person if the person performs those postures. Participants took part in the experiment without knowing the right reason to do not affect the measurements. If we won something or got a reward the testosterone level increases. The testosterone level is an indicator for a feeling of positive powerful emotion and was measured as variable. The test setting foresees tow groups of participants. One group with the powerful postures and the other the reverse postures. The assistants brought the participants into the correct postures. Then the postures were kept for about one minute. After each posture the participants filled out a questionnaire indicating their emotional state. About about 17 min after the complete test the participants gave a probe of saliva to analyse the testosterone level. The analysis showed an increased level of testosterone for the participants with the powerful postures.

Find more information in this link.

It would be interesting to do this study with body movements from the active exercise therapy.

You can practise powerful postures yourself with some tips from Samy Molcho (an expert for body language):

  •     balance your weight equally on both feet
  •     make your shoulders relaxed and let them fall behind
  •     put your chin high, about the same height as the jaw
  •     put your chest high
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