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Basketball sleeve for the perfect shot

Did you ever play basketball? You know, sometimes it is very difficult. It seems like the ball does not want to hit the basket. Now there is help. This basketball sleeve tracks your arm movement and gives you hints for the perfect shot. As an extra feature you can track your progress in a mobile app. In the video below you can see the futuristic basketball sleeve in action.

But I see basketball as only one playful area of application. I guess this invention would be really helpful in healthcare. A lot of people have wrong postures or if they have injuries they should avoid specific postures. The technology from this sleeve could be used to track the movement. If the sensors recognise postures that are not healthy it could give hints to the person and advises for correction of the postures. In an ideal case the system gives the hints before the injured body part is aching.

Look here for the article on dvice.com.
Or look here for the article in the newscientist.

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