Bionic eyes

The bionic eyes are realized via a pair of electronic shades with a video camera. The visual image from the video camera is transformed into electric impulses presenting patterns of light and dark. A receiver transmits pulses along a small cable to an electronic array placed where usually the light receptors would be in the retina. The array is stimulated in the same way as light receptors in a normal eye. The electronic signal is then transmitted to the optic nerve and via the optic nerve to the brain. The resolution of the perceived image depends to the number of electrodes in the array. It started out with 16, but a version with 1000 is planned already. Precondition for the use of such a device is an undamaged optic nerve and undamaged areas for visual perception in the brain.

The name of the presented system is ARGUS. It has already successfully implanted in some participants.

Source: Dvice

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