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Everyday usability 22 shower adjustment

This article is more about the contrary of usability, how to make something not usable. The effects that make a product usable can also be used to make something not usable. I recognised it some days ago in a hotel. My impression was that the shower design was realized as difficult to use and uncomfortable to save water. Find below a guide to make to safe water while showering due to making it difficult to use.

1) Use a fixed shower head instead of a hose. The result looks like this:

shower head fixed on the wall

2) Do not let the user know how to adjust the water temperature. If they do not find out they will shower under cold water. For sure the shower will be quick.

spigot without label3) Limit the amount of water. In case of this spigot the water run about 15 seconds and must be reactivated with pressing the button.

2013-12-08 05.49.54Well what helps is to lean against the button, it helps to gain a continuous flow of water and not to push the button every 15 seconds. Improvement for an even more difficult to use shower would be to place the button not vertical against the wall but horizontal. Then it is not possible to simply lean against it for a constant flow of water 😉

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