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Everyday Usability 23 – how to use chop sticks

Learning how to use chopsticks is not that easy. You have to hold the fingers right, train your aiming accuracy to get the small pieces as well and train muscles so that your fingers do not start to hurt in the middle of the meal. Beside following the wiki instruction page you could use chopsticks for kids, also called learning chopsticks. A colleague just introduced this nice set below to me, freshly imported from China (thank you). The chopsticks both stick to a plastic holder (here a cat) with a springy effect. You just need to focus on holding them and make a slight move to close them. If you release the grip they extend themselves. After practising a while you can train your accuracy and a safe hold. If you feel safe for the next step you remove the holder. They are now usable like a usual set of chopsticks.

learning how to use chopstick

learning how to use chopstick

Even more easer to use is the infant version with a handle for a finger on each chopstick. The holder is similar to the one shown in the figure above. For the ones wondering how Asian infants learn to use chopsticks the internet reveals that it seems to be usual that the babies use a spoon first. When they are older, between 3-4, they are encouraged to learn to eat with chopsticks.

For the handyman, there are also instructions to build the own handmade “learning chopstick” set. I’m sure you can improve the visual design 🙂

Finally it has to be mentioned that the learning chopsticks present the circle of life. We start using them as childs and later on, as very old people, we might want to use them again if our hands are not that fit any longer.

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