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Origin of ergonomics

Wojciech Jastrzębowski (1799 – 1882) is known for the oldest known definition of the word ergonomics and is seen therefore also as prime father of ergonomics. The definition was published in a philosophical narrative book in 1857 (An Outline of Ergonomics, Or The Science of Work based upon the truths drawn from the Science of Nature). The word ergonomics is generated from two greek words: ergon = work and nomos = rule / law.
A rough translation of the definition: “Ergonomics is a scientific method, so that we are able to gain the most out of this life, under commitment of the least affords with the most fulfillment for the own and for the public welfare.”
The most of his life, it seems, he concentrated on Chemistry and Botany. His biographies mention him to be scientific but practical, putting everything in his research into a practical application. Thereby he must have come up with the idea to not fit the human to work, but fit work for human.

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