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Virtual physical tools

Researchers from the Carnegie Mellon University suggested to apply on touchscreen gestures that we naturally use interacting with physical tools to improve the interaction. They realized their concept with e.g. a marker, a ruler, a rubber and a camera. From their video (see source) you can see that the gestures are broader than the usually used ones. I assume that the gestures for some tools are quiet similar, but would expect them to differ for other tools, like e.g. the ruler, specifically if the tool’s appearance differs or between left-handed and right-handed persons. When I was in school I used a short fixed length ruler (about 20cm) which was completely enough to underline a text. In the end it is nevertheless some learning of how the tools are modelled into the application. It could bear some confusion if it intends to work like the physical tool but does not completely.

If you would like to read more, Chris Harrison, one of the inventors also published a paper.

Source: Virtual physical tools, original article

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