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Chimera of keyboard and mouse

News from the Microsoft research lab. Their latest research explored a keyboard with integrated infrared proximity sensors. With this sensors the keyboard works like a touch-panel. The finger position is recognized via the infrared sensors. So one can type and simply while moving the hand over the keyboard interact with gestures as well.

It could become an alternative for the small mouse pad on laptops. I don’t like the laptop’s mouse pad, it is too small and often accidentally I start to scroll. Further I like the idea to have both interactions in one device. There is no big arm movement necessary to switch from typing to a gesture.

If they would design it in a way that allows interaction with a pen it would even be more precise. In this context I would like to try to paint with it. I just wonder about the accuracy of the infrared sensors as their position is limited to space between the keys.

This video shows how flexible gestures are:

Source: Microsoft Research Chimera keyboard-mouse

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