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Affective computing – android robots

There is an interesting PDF written about affective computing and newer developed android robots written by Christian Becker-Asano. It concentrates on human like robots called androids and how to develop them for a good conversation with humans. The androids, such as Geminoid HI-2 and Repliee Q2, look like a human. From a simply photo it cannot be distinguished if its human or android (specifically in case of Geminoid HI-2). Check the experiment presented on vimeo:

For a good conversation there are several hurdles to take. Considering theories of social intelligence it would need to recognize the correct emotion in the face of the other person, to present oneself concentrated to the others persons talk / act, to mirror (unintentional) their mimic / gestures in a synchronized way and when the emotions of the conversation partner are analyzed to take the correct social strategy to answer them and proceed in the conversation.

Specifically the part of mirroring the other persons mimic / gestures is an important step and related to the structure of our brain. In the brain are cells that bring us to mirror the mimic / gestures of another person if we are in an concentrated talk. It helps us to understand the emotions of the other persons and further it ensures a calm and positive atmosphere. However it is not simply copying this would be recognized by the other person as rude.

For androids this effect would be necessary to be covered in other ways. Perhaps it could help to recognize small expressions in the face which we usually not recognise. If it learns to interpret them correctly it would be a step in the right direction. But this is even difficult for humans who know each other for a long time.

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