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Soundhawk – hearing aid, but do not call it this way

Soundhawk is a device which helps to listen to a conversation in environments with high background noise. The device consists of an earpiece, a smart phone app (iOS and Android) and a microphone. The earpiece is connected with a smart phone app which helps to adjust its settings, the filtered heights and depth or sound volume. The settings storable as profiles, e.g. for specific situations like a visit in a restaurant and another for a football match. It claims to work in a similar way like human ears do – reducing the background noise and enhancing the voice you want to hear. Of course the device does not know what you want to hear, but that is what you adjust in the app’s settings. For worst cases there is a microphone in the set. Attach it to your conversation partner and within distance of 10 meter their voice will be submitted. The connection of the microphone works via bluetooth. So there is no need to worry about cabling.

The battery is said to last 8 hours. After that it can be charged in the included charging device.

It is not called a hearing aid, e.g. as hearing aids in the U.S. need to be prescribed by a doctor. Instead the device’s purpose is seen to support hearing specifically in situations with high background noise and not as a therapy. So Soundhawk seems to go only in one ear.

Source: Zeit (German newspaper),

Website of the supplier: Soundhawk

So far I found this (test) user experiences:

The next web user experience

The wire user experience (including a good descriptions of the user’s test settings)
The endgadget user experience


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