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Everyday Usability 26: Extraordinary but not usable postcards

As I was on holiday lately I found a really nice special postcard. The idea is perhaps not new, but I did not recognise it until then. It is a postcard as jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle parts were already pre-stamped. Carefully one needs to write on the card which is not easy as the surface is uneven due to the pre-stamping. After finishing the writing the card’s jigsaw puzzle parts are broken apart. So far so good.

However, the jigsaw puzzle postcard does not have a good usability for the recipient which came into my mind after sending the postcard (sorry about that). The poor recipient needs to puzzle twice – once to read the postcard’s message and a second time to see the image of the postcard. Additionally the card cannot be stored as whole.

It would improve the usability and the memory of the received postcard if the supplier would provide together with the postcard and envelope a transparent foil with glue on one side, similar to the protective covers used on mobile phones. The jigsaw puzzle parts of the postcard could then be stuck on the foil. With solving the jigsaw puzzle one-time the recipient will be able to see both – the postcard’s message and its image. Further therewith the postcard can be stored as whole and not only in pieces. Storage in pieces is dangerous as for sure one piece gets lost – the destiny of all jigsaw puzzles.

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