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Social Robot Jibo

A new social robot is planned by Cynthia Breazeal. She is famous for developing the social robot Kismet and Leonardo. Those were the first robots with the ability to identify emotions in their conversation partner and use that knowledge to express emotions themselves. Background for the development is to bring interaction between humans and robots on a higher quality level. Humans are social beings expressing themselves in emotions. Communication between human and robot is, until now, missing this aspect.

The new robot intends to be a help for communication and organisation in a family. The robot is called Jibo. Its appearance looks rather abstract, but nevertheless his motions express a sort of emotion. The video on the website (or the video below) shows possible interactions and tasks Jibo can help with, such as storing and playing video messages of family members, story telling for children, taking pictures, video conferences and more. Jibo will have a developer package enabling everyone who wants to write own applications for the robot.

Commercial production of the robot was crowd-funded. Crowd-funding for Jibo has been very successful, reaching more than double of the requested funding amount.


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