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Clean hands wherever you go

This clever product, introduced on the IDEO homepage, keeps your hands clean wherever you go. It is specifically developed for a hospital environment. Like a mobile phone you clip it to your belt and instead of walking to sink you simply wipe your hands on the device when you feel need for it. According to a study conducted by them the system improved hand cleaning considerable during a practical test in a hospital.

The only thing that you need to ensure with the device is then that the device itself clean and is regularly checked for cleanness and proper content of disinfection material (in this case an alcohol based gel). Because otherwise it may become a mobile shelter for bacteria. However, they already implemented sensors to track the hand cleaning procedures of the hospital staff. It seems only a little step further to implement an additional sensor that tracks cleaning of the device. An app could then collect the sensor data and which devices need to be cleaned and where their current location is in a nice overview.

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