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Usable microwave

I cannot tell anything about the controls of this new microwave – if they are intuitive and easy to use -, but it has an interesting new feature. Often I have the problem that I need several tries to get my food ready in the microwave. I put it in for several minutes. As I’m afraid it turns into uneatable coal I rather prefer short times. So often I end up putting the food in the microwave, waiting, checking the food, discovering the food is not ready and starting the microwave again for 3-4 times.

Now, is the idea to implement an LED screen on the microwave’s door with X’Ray vision. With the LED screen you can see when the food is warm. Ideally the screen’s red color would match the ideal temperature (or adjusted temperature) for your food. At Dailymail you can see  the video. However, currently it is just a creative idea from a designer and not a ready to buy product.

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