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Phone case to get rid of cable tangle

Imagine you are sitting in a train. Your journey lasts for another hour and you get bored. Suddenly it comes to your mind that you could listen to your favourite podcast on your mobile phone. Of course you do not want to offend other travelers with listening to it on speaker. So you get your mobile phone and the earphones out, which were used just yesterday. There is nothing left now from the neatly sorted cable yesterday. Somehow the earphone cable transformed into a massive knot, and that in over just one day in your pocket. Instead of listening to music you will spend the next 5 minutes untangling your earphone cable.

If you do not want to spend 5 minutes therefore, you could practice speedtangling – known as the sport to competitively unravel cables asap. But it there are other solutions. As many users experience this problem you can find several tricks in the internet of how to fold your earphone cables so they do not end up in a knot. Exemplary have a look here and here. Even researchers spend time to develop plastic clips to hinder the cables from raveling. It seems according to their mathematical research strings have a tendency to form knots.

Beside practices of different cable folding techniques or the sorting devices such as the paper clips, a designer developed a clever idea to solve the problem of mixed up earphone cables in a gaming approach. While sorting your earphone cable you can solve a maze. As you see from the photo the approach in its current form leaves room for improvements. The maze is nice but a bit small for the length of the cables, requiring a seemingly long part of the cable to be folded around the mobile phone  – this is not what the phone case intends, right?


I draw over the path of the earphone cable in the photo below in red. Why not try an alternative design which is using the space more efficiently (see on the bottom)? Ok. I admit this “maze” is a bit boring, but efficient. I tried to roughly arrange the cable on my old small Samsung mobile phone. The “maze” needs to be efficient to get the complete cable sorted on the phone case, but it is possible – even on a smaller mobile phone.

earphone cable maze

earphone cable alternative



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