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Everyday Usability 34: Resealable can

Lately I discovered a very interesting design of a can closure. Typically a can is opened and cannot be closed again, so one needs to hurry to empty it. I found a resealable can.

As you can see from the photos below there is a little plastic slider instead of the typical metal hole. To open the can for the first time, the little part with the stripes needs to be pushed up. It is not an easy task for a finger, I ended up using a ballpoint pen instead. If the striped part is pulled up, the rest of the closure slides back and the can is open. To close the can the part with the stripe, now upright, is grabbed and with a move the closure slides back into its original position. As far as I can tell no fluid comes out when the closure is in a closed position after being opened.

The can design belongs to an energy drink. Specifically for an energy drink a resealable can is nice. I tend to drink most cans of energy drinks over a time frame of 1-2 days. With a resealed can the content is safe and cannot be accidentally spilled. I wish this kind of closure would be sold with all cans.

2015-05-20 23.52.04 2015-05-20 23.50.30 2015-05-20 23.50.47

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