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Allergen Sensor

A new product was developed to support people with allergies with detection of certain substances in food. As a first function the product aims to detect gluten. Later on they plan to enhance the functions of the sensor to detect other contents as well, such as peanuts or milk.

Have a look at the suppliers website, the release is planned for this fall: http://nimasensor.com/

However, Nima is not the only device intending to detect allergens. Researchers from the UCLA developed an attachment for the mobile phone to detect allergens. In their first test they successfully tested detection of peanuts in different types of cookies. To share the knowledge of allergens in specific food and to fasten the search process they want to connect their service with an online platform to store and share information about the food users tested. Another device for allergen testing in food is this one: http://knegadesign.com/allergen/.

If you are interested in such a product it is worth to keep the eyes open, it seems to be an emerging field of devices.


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