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Anti-Lego slippers

Stepping on Lego blocks can be quite painful. Now, Lego got into the design of branded shoes to avoid this painful sensation. Some people complain it took them many years to solve this obvious problem experienced by parents on a daily base – but to their defense, shoe design is not their area of knowledge. Not to mention there are already shoes with a harder sole available that solve the problem quite well. However, if you are a Lego fan you can soon enjoy playing Lego with your child and do not need to worry to step on the blocks as long as you are wearing the branded shoes. Further creative designers may add a Lego-dedicated feature to the shoes. Maybe the shoes will have parts to attach or could be transformed with additional parts into a spaceship or they have a sensor build in that eases finding Lego parts that are spread all over the room… my fantasy goes wild of how to get away from a common slipper design.


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