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Lego for customized design of a prosthetic arm

In autumn last year I wrote about the opportunity to print customized prosthetic arms with a 3D printer (see here). Now the concept is pushed one step forward by Lego. In its research lab they developed the idea to give the prosthetic a basic component which is stuck to the existing part of the arm, a rechargeable battery unit and a customizable part. It can be customized with different Lego sets and even programmed with e.g. Lego Mindstorms.

The kid in the video looks really happy. This idea suits to the concept proposed by Graham Pullin that a disability is not necessarily to be a limitation (see in the literature section for his book “Design meets disability”). With our technology now we can transform it into an advantage that a normal person does not have, but in this case offers a positive experience for both. The Lego concept may also contributes to a playful way of learning basic programming and technology skills, for the disabled child and his/her friends.

Source: wired magazine