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Usable microwave

February 16, 2015 Leave a comment

I cannot tell anything about the controls of this new microwave – if they are intuitive and easy to use -, but it has an interesting new feature. Often I have the problem that I need several tries to get my food ready in the microwave. I put it in for several minutes. As I’m afraid it turns into uneatable coal I rather prefer short times. So often I end up putting the food in the microwave, waiting, checking the food, discovering the food is not ready and starting the microwave again for 3-4 times.

Now, is the idea to implement an LED screen on the microwave’s door with X’Ray vision. With the LED screen you can see when the food is warm. Ideally the screen’s red color would match the ideal temperature (or adjusted temperature) for your food. At Dailymail you can see  the video. However, currently it is just a creative idea from a designer and not a ready to buy product.


Old Fire Alarm

February 1, 2015 Leave a comment

Lately I have been in a museum of a former research facility. In one of  the buildings I discovered an old fire alarm.

The fire alarm is mounted at the wall in form of a bright red disk (see photo below). To activate you have to swing the black handle around the disk. Spinning around it makes a bell-like sound with every turn. I’m not sure which time this system was developed. The research facility was used during WWII. So I guess the system must have been up to date at that time.

On public spaces they may used such kind of things to avoid many false alarms due to jokes. The system locks the hand of the person activating the alarm. After police or fire fighters arrive at the scene the person is freed by them.

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