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Printed Prosthetic Hands

September 12, 2014 2 comments

This is a really wonderful project to support children with special needs. Volunteers contribute with their effort and energy to develop prosthetic hands for children with needs. It is not a usual prosthetic hand, it is in form of the hand of the child’s favourite action hero, e.g. one child wished for, and received a hand from Ironman. This is a child’s dream and a good idea in sense of making something more out of prosthesis. They do not need to cover up, they are a chance to be something special (something that the other kids may want as well). I see this project giving something very special to the children. Watch the video.

The 3D printer brings the advantage to make the material cheap and to easily develop new designs. In the video you see how a three year old boy receives his Ironman hand.

The project’s website: